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Dr. Faisal Rana

Founder of BioChem Tuition & Lead tutor

“I lead a small group of highly talented Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics tutors. I have selected and trained the tutors with the aim to provide best quality tutoring service for my students.

All of my tutors like me hold highest of qualifications in Biology/ Chemistry/Maths or Physics and have at least 1 year of tutoring experience. We have prepared detailed specification notes for the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics along with large bank of examination style questions.

Our students get tailored tutoring service and I am proud to say that majority of our students ended up getting A or A*.”


Imperial College London
BSc (Hon) Biochemistry
First Class degree

Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University Of Oxford
Clinical Medicine
PhD degree

Teaching Experience

1-2-1 tutoring in Biology, Chemistry and Maths across London from students of public and private schools – 8 years

Taught in various schools across London: St. James Senior School, City of London School for Girls, and University of Arts London.’

Worked with Fleet Tutors to deliver long-term tuition for students with Special Education Needs (SEN) such as children with severe learning disabilities.


Top 5 tutors for Fleet Tutors Limited for 3 consecutive years

Tutored students from

Tutors at BioChem

Team Faisal

Dr. Faisal Rana PhD

Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics Tutor
Alex Tutor

Alex Wetton PGCE (Science)

Biology & Chemistry Tutor

Dr. Asher Rana MBBS

Biology and Chemistry Tutor
Arjun sharma

Dr. Arjun Sharma PhD

Physics and Maths Tutor

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